Sunset Cruise Around Koh Tao

Take a Sunset cruise around Koh Tao for the best experience at the end of the day. Relax onboard with drinks and enjoy a friendly atmosphere.

The best way to experience sunset in Koh Tao is to cruise out on the Horizon and marvel at the amazing colors while enjoying signature cocktails and snacks. Join us on a trip today and experience the wonders of Koh Tao sunsets and the night sky.

Cruise to the Horizon

As you board the Horizon boat make your way to the caf  bar to enjoy a welcome drink. The menu offers an amazing selection from Rise Caf BKK of hot and iced drinks.

Enjoy the ever-popular refreshing Peach sunrise, its fruit flavour invigorating your senses and quenching your thirst from the hot day. Signature cocktails are available on all Sunset cruises, whether you’re a gin, vodka whiskey, or rum fan we’ve got you covered.

As the Horizon departs step up to the upper deck and either relax on the loungers at the front or in the comfortable sofa chairs while enjoying your drink. Delicious snacks are served throughout the trip from the caf  bar.

Watch in wonder as the sun burns the night sky

As the boat arrives at its destination just a few kilometers from Koh Tao Island, the best views of the sunset can be seen from the upper deck. Watch as the sky turns from blue to yellow and into deep luscious orange, purple and red colors.

As the burning sun drops closer to the horizon, take in the spectacular views from the deck of the boat or float closer to the water on one of our paddleboards.

Dine-in style and comfort

Rise cruise offers the option for guests to book a delectable evening meal aboard the Horizon. Served to your liking around the communal table on the main deck. Enjoy local delicacies of fresh seafood, locally grown vegetables and followed by a tasty dessert.

Fine dining in Koh Tao is an amazing natural experience. Eat out in style with this guide to the best places to eat in Koh Tao.

A guide to the types of affordable luxury accommodation in Koh Tao and where they are located. Take your holiday to the next level with these inspiring locations


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