Scuba Diving Courses With Rise Cruise in Koh Tao

Get your PADI or SSI certification in style on Rise cruise. Offering scuba diving courses all year round in Koh Tao. From beginner diving to professional diving, discover scuba diving in paradise.


Koh Tao is the epicenter for Scuba diving and Rise cruise offers an alternative for those seeking a different experience. With our partner dive schools, we can offer PADI or SSI certification in a private and professional setting.

What courses are available with Rise cruise?

We have partnered with some of the best dive schools on Koh Tao to enrich their amazing diving experience.
You can learn to dive with any training agency.

Courses offered to include:

Book directly with us to ensure your course takes place on our beautiful vessel. We’llarrange the rest.

What makes Rise cruise different from the other diving operations?

Rise cruise unique wooden boat offers the perfect location to try scuba diving or get your scuba diving certification. We limit the number of divers on the boat at one time to a smaller number. This means you can enjoy the privacy and comfort of our lovely boat while exploring the underwater world. Our attention will be solely on you.

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Prepare your equipment in specially designed tank positions to encourage comfort and make putting on and removing gear easier. Situated at the rear of the boat, it’s just a few steps to the water. Saving you a long walk along with a moving boat.

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At the end of your dive relax in a personal towel while enjoying excellent refreshments inspired by our excellent caf in Bangkok.

Between dives, kick back onto comfortable seating and discuss the plans for your next dive with your instructor. After diving, take a shower using the onboard shower system and head to the front to snap some amazing photos to add your memories.


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