Freediving with Rise cruise in Koh Tao

Learn to Freedive with Rise cruise in Koh Tao, offering Freediving level one, level two courses and training. Relax in style while you train freediving and fun dive around the dive sites of Koh Tao.

The key to freediving is having the ability to relax the mind and focus on your experience. Rise cruise offers a comfortable and peaceful setting before, during, and after your dives. Learn to Freedive on our luxury cruise or take a fun diving tour around the many dive sites of Koh Tao.

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Pre-dive, stretch and calm your mind on the upper deck in a cozy sitting area. Feel the ocean air and take in the relaxing sounds of the water moving around the boat. Post dive, take advantage of our shower facilities and dry off with a soft towel provided during the trip. Move to the caf  area and refresh with a cold fruit juice or a delicious iced coffee.

Level 1 Freediver

Take your first deep breath and dive underwater in this introductory course for freediving. Learn about the theory of freediving and experience the four key types of freediving. Static apnea, dynamic apnea, free immersion, and constant weight.

Learn how to extend your breath-hold times and become truly one with the ocean.

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Level 2 Freediver

Learn about advanced freediving techniques in the pool and open water. Develop your equalizing, train and extend your static times, and dive deeper.

Not all the training is in water, use the comfort of the Rise boat to work on stretching styles and focus on different ways of meditation before diving.


For those freedivers who already have a certification or who want to practice for an ongoing course. Work on specific techniques, get expert advice, and boost your abilities as a diver.

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Fun Diving

Explore the beautiful dive sites around Koh Tao. With the support of an expert local guide discover the secrets of the coral reef, learn about marine life and take some stunning photographs.


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